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Screenshot from the Kéfir website.


本文原於2017年9月26日刊登於通訊進步協會新聞網(APC News),全球之聲發聲計畫(Rising Voices)與通訊進步協會為合作夥伴關係,在此重新刊登。

設立於墨西哥的克菲爾(Kéfir)網站,是一個為了旨在「建立安全與自由網路空間」的維權人士、人權捍衛者、記者、民間社會組織、企業集團和藝術家等人所創設的自由派科技女性主義(free/libre tech feminist)合作社。在2017年8月,他們加入了通訊進步協會(以下簡稱「通協」)。在這段訪談裡,他們與通協談論信任、恐懼以及創造數位社區的必要性。


Kéfir: The internet is more and more sucked up, quantified, crunched, rendered by capitalism that extends to all aspects of our lives. We can't just opt out anymore because it doesn't depend on us to be “on (the) line”. This is violent by default. And yes, we claim this territory as ours and we manage to reach out, touch and support each other, share stories, dance and trigger commotion, but many bodies, voices and lives are under constant attack. Our freedom is bruised but we carry on. When facing the current scenario, it sometimes feels like we are trying to mitigate just to open up a bit of space to breathe, just to “regulate” all that hate and cynicism.

When violence penetrates into the bones, you learn how to walk with your hands ready, your whole body alert, and it's not necessarily an explicit or conscious fear, or a fear that keeps you in a corner, it's realising that at any moment something can happen, an adrenaline that lingers.




Kéfir: “Digital neighbourhoods” is a poetic and political seed that sprouted in Laboratorio de Interconectividades, a fellow project that influenced and inspired the beginning of Kéfir. When we say “we need to create together digital neighborhoods where we can trust each other, express and operate/trigger without fear”, we mean that we need to build and nurture together territories where we can feel that we can loosen up, lower the radar and feel at “home”. There's an array of specific “technical” requirements for this but also the medular value of knowing one another and knitting bonds.

克非爾:「數位社區」是一個飽含詩意的政治種子,萌發於我們的研究夥伴「網路互通實驗室」(Laboratorio de Interconectividades),它影響和激勵了「克非爾」的開始。 當我們說「我們需要一起創造可以互相信任、無懼地表達、操作及觸發的數位社區」時,意思是我們必須共同建立並培養我們可以放鬆的領域,降低(警哨)雷達,感覺自在如「身處家中」。 實現這個目標,有幾個具體的「技術」要求,但也需要能夠了解彼此和鍵接彼此的核心價值。

通協:可以跟我們多談論一點關於Kéfir這個名字,以及你這項工作中的「發酵」成分(fermentation component)嗎?

Kéfir: “Kéfir” comes from “kief”, “to feel good” which doesn't just mean to “not feel bad” but to open our pores and feel that we have time, time to have time, conditions to experiment, to mutate, to see “what happens”, to soak and marinate processes. A culture liquid contained in a small clay bowl that I come back to…

Perhaps that's the greatest challenge: time to tend ourselves and others without the tick-tock in the background. We juggle with projects and get caught up in very demanding rhythms and we believe that this affects specifically processes and initiatives in contexts under unbalanced power dynamics.


這也許是最大的挑戰:是時候在背景沒有嘀嗒聲的情況下照顧我們自己和其他人了。 我們和這個計畫打一場混水仗,陷入非常苛刻的節奏中,但我們堅信即使在不平衡的動態背景下,也能夠具體地影響過程及初步行動。


Kéfir: Kéfir decided to join APC acknowledging the value of it being a network that has been around for enough time to have trembled, carved learnings, discovered simple and magical keys in relationships… We feel that together we can potentially support each other in many ways and forge paths.

How we are willing to lend a hand towards the APC network is completely open. We would like to imagine that we can provoke you in ways we fortunately can't foresee yet. For the sake of a more straightforward answer, though, we are interested in addressing the intersections between labour, economy, transfeminism and technologies; enthusiastic about reinventing methodologies in how we plunge into that without necessarily writing up reports or organising meetings or feeding mailing lists. Hopefully we will get to know each other little by little, share moments on and away from the keyboard. For now, we just welcome you to write to us if you want, out of pure curiosity. We will get back to you with a more meditated update of things we are brewing in the next months. Until then, a warm hug from the Kéfir floating island.


我們如何計劃向「通協」網路社群伸出援手完全是一個開放的問題。雖然更清楚直接的答案是:我們對於解決工作、經濟、跨性別女性主義,以及科技的問題很有興趣,但我們喜歡想像用各種我們很幸運尚未預見的方式挑起他們動力。我們熱衷於重新創造如何讓我們沈浸其中的方法,而不需要寫報告或組織會議,亦或是餵養郵件寄送清單。希望我們能一點一點地更加了解彼此、藉由鍵盤享受並分享這個時刻。 目前,即使只是出於純粹的好奇心,我們都歡迎大家隨時留言給我們。 我們將會在下個月公告我們沈思醞釀之後的更新資訊。 屆時,「克菲爾」浮島將會熱情擁抱你。


Kéfir: If you feel inspired by any of the things mentioned in this text, you are free to cook them up with your own spices, but please include attribution (with a link to our site kefir.red) and feed the sharing circle. And we invite you to do so in a non-capitalist way (where value is distributed among the community). Read more here.

克非爾:如果你從本文提到的任何內容中獲得靈感,都可以自由地以自己的香料烹煮一道資訊菜餚,並餵養你的共享圈,但請註明資訊來源(附上連接到「kefir.red」網站的網址)。 我們邀請你以非資本主義的方式(意即價值配置只存在社群內部)參與我們。點擊這裡閱讀更多相關資訊。



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