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Tzu-Che, Huang is an IT professional with expertise in Online Activism. He got his master degree of MSc in Information Security in Royal Holloway, University of London. He used to travel intensively and then decided to pursue a career move from IT to NGO works. He hopes to be a change agent with regard to how NGO can make use of social media tools to power social networks for change. He wishes to be involved in human right issues such as Child Labours/Child Marriage/Child Trafficking and Dalit rights and hoping to contribut a bit for making of a better world.

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星期六下午7點半左右(2010年2月13號),印度西部城市浦那一間深受遊客歡迎的餐廳發生炸彈爆炸,造成9人死亡57人受傷。當服務生試圖檢查一件遭棄置的行李時,炸彈在背包裡爆炸。Shashi Bellamkonda在部落格My Digital Thoughts報導: