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Tzu-Che, Huang is an IT professional with expertise in Online Activism. He got his master degree of MSc in Information Security in Royal Holloway, University of London. He used to travel intensively and then decided to pursue a career move from IT to NGO works. He hopes to be a change agent with regard to how NGO can make use of social media tools to power social networks for change. He wishes to be involved in human right issues such as Child Labours/Child Marriage/Child Trafficking and Dalit rights and hoping to contribut a bit for making of a better world.

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  3 一月 2008

黑色觀點(Black Looks)討論了對抗非洲愛滋病HIV/AIDS的戰爭: 「但我很快就對此篇文章失望,即使裡頭確實談及一些我也同意的事實,譬如避免混亂的性行為,然而文章作者同時也提出一些論點,像是「保險套提供了安全的性 行為及安全的罪行」這便不是耶穌的方式。我無法知道保險套是否為耶穌的方式,但我的憂慮在於此作者認為保險套可以用來犯罪。 原文作者:Ndesanjo Macha 校對:Leonard