Ameli · 五月, 2015

I earned a bachelor's degree with a double major in law and history and a master's degree in law. My master's thesis focuses on political cases and “Formal Legality” as an instrument in Authoritarian Taiwan. Lover of languages, traveling and different cultures. Interested GV topics: Human Rights, LGBT Rights, Freedom of Speech, Protests, Law and History. Right now I'm living and improving my German skills in Berlin, Germany.

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賽爾吉.坦吉安以身為另類金屬╱重搖滾樂團「墮落體制」(System of a Down)的主唱為人所知,他與樂團自1994年起合作至今。墮落體制與亞美尼亞種族滅絕之間的關係,說來頗為直接:團員都是亞美尼亞裔美國人,他們的長輩是那場種族屠殺的倖存者。