Ameli · 十二月, 2014

I earned a bachelor's degree with a double major in law and history and a master's degree in law. My master's thesis focuses on political cases and “Formal Legality” as an instrument in Authoritarian Taiwan. Lover of languages, traveling and different cultures. Interested GV topics: Human Rights, LGBT Rights, Freedom of Speech, Protests, Law and History. Right now I'm living and improving my German skills in Berlin, Germany.

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  14 十二月 2014

對許多墨西哥藝術創作者來說,Ayotzinapa師範學院43名失蹤的學生已經成為他們作品中無法推卸的主題。正因如此,拉丁美洲部落格圈裡,大家透過#Illustrators with Ayotzinapa這個標籤,分享許多插畫家、平面藝術家創作的肖像畫。