Ameli · 十一月, 2012

I earned a bachelor's degree with a double major in law and history and a master's degree in law. My master's thesis focuses on political cases and “Formal Legality” as an instrument in Authoritarian Taiwan. Lover of languages, traveling and different cultures. Interested GV topics: Human Rights, LGBT Rights, Freedom of Speech, Protests, Law and History. Right now I'm living and improving my German skills in Berlin, Germany.

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全球之聲多語言翻譯計畫的志願譯者,將會在未來一週陸續翻譯一份公共的線上連署書。這份連署請願書聲援網路人權保衛行動,強烈要求國際電信聯盟(International Telecommunication Union, ITU)各成員國,於即將舉行的國際電信世界大會中確保網路開放性。