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(原文發表於 2018 年七月十三日)

諾魯(Nauru)政府〔七月初〕曾下達禁令,申明將不會允許澳洲廣播公司(Australian Broadcasting Corporation,ABC)入境採訪今年九月的太平洋島國論壇高峰會議。諾魯當局指控,澳洲公共廣電機構 ABC 立場偏頗、報導不實。


今年七月二日,諾魯政府發表了一則聲明,表示由於「接待能力非常有限」,所以必須對參加峰會的人數加以限制。此番聲明也特別提及 ABC,以及何以會有相關禁令:

…no representative from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation will be granted a visa to enter Nauru under any circumstances, due to this organisation’s blatant interference in Nauru’s domestic politics prior to the 2016 election, harassment of and lack of respect towards our President in Australia, false and defamatory allegations against members of our Government, and continued biased and false reporting about our country. It is our right, as it is the right of every nation, to choose who is allowed to enter.

⋯⋯無論如何,諾魯將不會核發簽證給任何 ABC 代表。因為該組織在 2016 年諾魯大選之前,公然干預諾魯內政;在諾魯總統到訪澳洲期間,對總統有騷擾、不敬之舉;還曾誣衊諾魯政府官員;並持續對我國做出充滿偏見的不實報導。就像其他國家一樣,我們有權決定要讓誰(或不讓誰)入境。

在 2016 年,ABC 曾播出過一部紀錄片,說是澳洲政府委由諾魯代為管理、收容尋求庇護人士的境外中心,有折磨〔難民〕、虐待兒童等情事;ABC 亦有報導指稱,諾魯總統及其手下一些部長級官員,自一名澳洲磷礦業者處收受賄賂。諾魯將 ABC 的兩起報導皆斥為「種族歧視」以及「不客觀的政治宣傳」。

有幾十年的時間,諾魯這個小島國都是個礦區;到了 1980 年代,磷酸鹽礦藏耗竭,於是諾魯〔只得〕接受澳洲援助、幫助澳洲管理一座〔設置於諾魯的〕移民收容中心。

對於諾魯政府的決定,ABC 新聞總監 Gaven Morris 批道

The Nauruan Government should not be allowed to dictate who fills the positions in an Australian media pool.

It can hardly claim it is ‘welcoming the media’ if it dictates who that media will be and bans Australia's public broadcaster.


如果諾魯得以片面決定哪些媒體才能報導峰會或禁止 ABC〔加入記者團〕,那麼諾魯簡直稱不上是「歡迎媒體」。

諾魯政府很快便做出回應,稱 ABC 的聲明相當「傲慢、無禮,越加突顯了其自以為是、不把人放在眼裡的心態。」諾魯政府還說:

We remind the ABC that we – like Australia – have every right to refuse a visa to any person or organisation that we believe is not of good character, and that entry into our country is a privilege not a right. The Australian media do not decide who enters Nauru.

我們要提醒 ABC,我們和澳洲一樣,完全有權拒發簽證給任何我們認為名聲欠佳的個人或組織;並且,入境諾魯是一種優待、而非權利。誰能進入諾魯,不是由澳洲媒體說了算。

〔時任〕澳洲總理〔滕博爾(Malcolm Turnbull)〕說,諾魯的決定「令人遺憾」,但拒絕出手干預、聲援 ABC。

澳洲媒體從業人員的聯盟組織 MEAA( Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance)認為,政府應該同諾魯方面好好了解此事:

This is an attack on press freedom that our government needs to condemn in the strongest possible terms. Recognising the sovereignty of another nation does not extend to accepting they have the right to prevent free and open reporting.


澳洲的國會記者團(Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery)則揚言要聯合抵制這場於諾魯舉辦的峰會:

If the ban is not reversed, the media pool will be disbanded. If one cannot go, none will go.

We oppose the Nauru edict because it is wrong in this instance and because it sets a dangerous precedent. What other Australians might be banned from a similar group by another government in future? We stand for a free press, not a banned one.



澳洲第九頻道的〔新聞分析節目〕Red Ink 也表達了對 ABC 的支持

ABC is our competitor, and a tough one at that, but there is something bigger at stake here than beating a rival.

ABC 不只是我們的競爭對手,還是個強勁的對手,但眼前我們有比勝過對手更重要的事。

針對 ABC 的禁令也受到其他區域媒體的抨擊。紐西蘭的國會記者團(New Zealand Parliamentary Press Gallery)便說道:

This decision follows already restrictive conditions, limiting the number of journalists who can attend this important regional summit. While infrastructure constrains play a role in limited pooling numbers, we are appalled by this attempt to control media coverage.


萬那杜每日郵報(Vanuatu Daily Post)媒體總監 Dan McGarry,說明了為何該報社九月將不會派員前往諾魯:

I instructed the Daily Post’s editor to withdraw our reporter from the Vanuatu media delegation allotted to covering this event.

This isn’t a self-righteous, moralising action. It’s a survival tactic. If we allow ourselves to get into a situation where our ability to report is predicated on how positive our coverage is, then we can’t do our job.



太平洋島嶼新聞協會(Pacific Island News Association)敦促諾魯重新考慮此一決定,以促進媒體多元發展:

The Pacific is on display and can be proud of its media diversity and efforts to strengthen our communities through dialogue and communication.


國際記者聯盟(International Federation of Journalists)說,諾魯已然創下一個危險的先例

Governments, leaders and politicians must remember the role of the media, and not use their powers to control and stifle press freedom. The Nauru Government is setting a dangerous precedent by barring ABC journalists’ from covering the Pacific Island Forum.

各國政府、領袖和政界人士,必須謹記媒體所扮演的角色,而不是運用他們的權力來操控、箝制新聞自由。諾魯政府禁止 ABC 記者採訪太平洋島國論壇之舉,是在創下危險的先例。



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