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漫威釋出新作「亞美莉嘉」 評價褒貶不一

首本漫威「亞美莉嘉」漫畫系列封面。圖片來源:漫威數位商店(Marvel's Digital Comic Shop)。

今年年初,美國漫畫公司漫威(Marvel)推出全新漫畫「亞美莉嘉‧莎薇絲」(America Chavez)。主人公亞美莉嘉是第一位出現在漫威宇宙(Marvel Universe)的拉丁裔同性戀主角。




「亞美莉嘉‧莎薇絲」是漫威旗下唯一以女同志為主角的系列作,也是唯一以拉丁裔女同志為主角的漫畫。 (1) pic.twitter.com/FUIjHG3JI8

— 🌈瑪麗🌈 (@宅女蕾絲邊) June 10, 2017

這部由小說家蓋比‧李維拉(Gabby Rivera)構思、由喬‧吉諾尼(Joe Quinones)作畫的漫畫,已在網路引發一連串關於同性戀和拉丁裔議題的討論。據哈芬頓郵報(Huffington Post,或譯赫芬頓郵報)的報導,作者群預想漫畫的封面是以各文化交融的方式呈現,像是利用「披頭四或希莉亞‧庫茲(Celia Cruz)等[…],我們討論的都是對美國文化有著極大影響,同時也擁有多重身份的人物。」:

America Chavez will not be the only character in the book with an intersecting identity,” Rivera said. “She will not be the sole representation of queer people and women and Latinas. There will be communities of folks all around her testing their super powers and finding strength within themselves. We’ve been very intentional with reflecting different body types and gender presentations. Our characters are black, Afro-Latinx, Asian, mixed and everything in between — like literally running the gamut of melanin, you know?





The dialogue was terrible, the Spanglish was racist (at best), the plot jumped around between various irrelevant points with little connection, the political commentary was a subtle as a sledgehammer, and there wasn't a single character with any sort of development (other than “random girlfriend whom the reader never gave a reason to care about broke up with the protagonist, in what might be one of the least realistic exchanges of dialogue ever written”).

The author is apparently hoping that “MINORITY LESBIAN YASSSS!!” will be enough to cover up for her complete inability to write either characters or plot lines, but this comic is so completely terrible in every aspect that I doubt she'll get away with calling everyone who points out its plethora of flaws “racist/homophobic”.




As a Latina myself, I am disgusted and insulted by America Chavez. I'm supposed to love and identify with this character? On what grounds? […] Why should I care about her or her story? Because she's a Latina queer? So what? That doesn't make her interesting. There are Latina queers all over the place here. That's not unique at all. […] I DON'T CARE if the main character of a comic is the same race or gender as me! Tell me a GOOD STORY with GOOD CHARACTERS! If the story and characters are solid and well written, then it won't MATTER what race, gender, sexuality, or creed that character is! Labels don't make a character. CHARACTER makes a character! And America Chavez has ZERO CHARACTER.



It's pretty fun that a character with the potential to excite so much hate from right-wing conservatives is literally named America. That's like if I named a new contraceptive Freedom Pills, or if her sidekick was a gender-nonconforming bald eagle. America Chavez was the third choice for the superhero's name after Marvel passed on “Uracis Ifudonlykme” [You’re racist if you don’t like me] and “Sue-Kit White Concervadores” [Suck it, white conservatives].

這真的非常好笑。看到名為「亞美利堅」(America)的角色會有如此能耐激起各方保守派的仇視。就像我將避孕藥命名為「自由小藥丸」(Freedom Pills),或亞美莉嘉的夥伴是一隻「性別表現不一致」(gender nonconforming)的老鷹。亞美莉嘉這個角色名其實是漫威名單中的第三順位,他們還考慮過「Uracis Ifudonlykme」(音同「You’re racist if you don’t like me」:你種族歧視你不接受我)和「Sue-Kit White Concervadores」(音同「Suck it, white conservatives」:去死吧保守白人)。


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